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Angekettet Ritter by 123-Kitsune
Angekettet Ritter

The Angekettet Ritter (Chained Knight) is a fearsome creations of a lich that was once known as the Forgotten King.

At first glance these things appear as beings clad in heavy armor, with a bulbous helm that has a small slit and a pair of small fan like blades attached to the front.

 Large curved spines protrude from the armor, which is wrapped with a layer of chain, while long lengths of chain tipped with hooked blades trail from the ends of its arms.

 Angekettet Ritter were once living followers of the lich, having been gifted with powerful armor whose enchantments were dependent upon the life energy of the wearer, slowly leeching it away until only an undead thing remained.

 At the height of the Forgotten Kings reign multitudes of these beings guarded the Liches’ strongholds, however nowadays encounters with these creatures are incredibly rare unless a traveller just happens to come across a dreamscape that still contains traces of their creators influence.

An Angekettets’ primary means of attack and defense are the lengths of chain at the ends of its arms, which seemingly move, with a life of their own. They are often used in lashing and constriction attacks and drag entangles opponents into the range of its spinning blades.




Reek of the Grave: An Angekettet Ritter is surrounded by the stench of rotting flesh. This miasma thickly clings to the undead creature, but with the use of the spinning blades as fans, which able to spread the stench to a radius of five feet.


Purge: From a nozzle set into the front of the helmet the Angekettet Ritter can showers targets with a spray of necrotic filth.

Likippa by 123-Kitsune

Likippa is member of the Scout Caste, unlike some of the other castes, the Scout Caste are created from members of the Warrior Caste.

Members of the Scout Caste serve as spies and assassins and on occasion, bodyguards for high-ranking members of the Elite Caste.

Despite being under Sir Delorics’ command, Likippa has orders from her superiors to dispose of any high-ranking or especially skilled members of Hero Factory if she should get the chance, as well neutralize any members of her team if they should start to sympathize with any of the robots.


Likippas’ wings are designed so that she can glide upon even the slightest of breezes and she has been trained to move and strike silently.

 Likippas primary means of attack and defense are the rows of spines upon her arms, which she can fire like darts.

The darts contain metal eating bacteria, and the afflicted target will rapidly become covered with a virulent plague of rust.

Nuraral by 123-Kitsune

Nuraral is member of the Labor Caste, other then the Warrior Caste, and they are the most numerous.

The Worker Caste is divided into two tier, Workers of the first tier are created from genetic material from the Elites, and are highly intelligent and skillful artisans.

Workers of the second tier are mass produced clones of the first tier. They are mostly used for heavy lifting, demolition and working in hazardous environments and possess only a rudimentary intelligence. 

 Nuraral is first tier Worker and is the groups powerhouse, possessing a level of physical strength that on par with Duncan Bulk.


Nuraral possesses a genetically enhanced physiology that enables him to survive in even them most inhospitable environments, not even the vacuum of space can stop him for long.

Normally for creatures such as Nuraral, knockout gas or darts would employed, however Nuraral has proven to have gained an immunity to them

 Cursed by :iconlol-pretzel: 

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I'm a big fan of lego and don't care if its HF, Technic or Bionicle. If I can use it in my MOCs' I will, and will even go far as to customise parts myself.
I am also a fan of the game NiGHTS Into Dreams, and JOD and which inspired me to create my own Nightmaren characters.



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