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Volg Revenant by 123-Kitsune
Volg Revenant
The quarry was hive of activity as scores of Volg worked to wrest ore from the earth with the crude implements the Zilther provided them with.
The work when on non stop with some of the Volg working at a slower pace then others. One individual seemed slower then the others as it lugged a cart full of ore towards the ramp. As it walked, its progress slowed until it stopped staring blankly while gasping painfully before collapsing and expiring.
 A pair of Zilther overseers pushed their way through the throng, one of them towing a cart carrying a dodecahedron shaped device, and at each corner was spike. The cart was positioned alongside the corpse and the spines extended into tendrils and buried their tips within the Volgs flesh.
The Volgs body began to twitch as millions of microscopic worker bugs were injected into it, melding with the creatures flesh and with each other.
Asymmetrical shaped bulged beneath the creatures’ skin which it shed like a snake revealing limbs and body parts of metal and glass, as the Volg opened its eyes and uttered a metallic hiss.

Due to a Volgs limited lifespan the Zilther sought to find away to recycle them once they had expired. Because of the method used to create Volg it was impossible for an Erthaxle to reclaim the dream energy and condense it back into Ideya.
So instead they used Worker Bugs to repair the damage, enhance the body and basically reanimate the creature as a cybernetic zombie.
Volg Revenants are often assigned to work in hazardous environments, or guard sites important to the Zilther.
Volg Reverent are often fitted with experimental weaponry.  Volg Revenants are also quite strong and do not feel pain, nor are they affected by toxins or a lack of oxygen.


Auto Repair: Due to the swarms of Worker Bugs within them, Volg Revenants are capable of near instantaneous regeneration.

Breath Weapon: Volg Revenants possess three of these, the first unleashes a 20 foot jet of flame, the second is a 15 foot cone of putrid smelling gas, and the third is a swarm of Worker Bugs.
Volg by 123-Kitsune
Volg are the workhorses of the Zilther Guildhalls. Assigned everything from heavy labor to defending the Guildhalls, they appear to work without rest.
A Volg is a reptilian humanoid with a feathered head crest, and long spiny frills on the shoulders. Its right arm ends with a large three clawed pincer, and its yellow scaly skin is studded with black spines.
 Volg are created in a Zilther variant of a Dream Forge that has been designed to create Volg in batches of thirteen, and  the creation time has been accelerated  to the point where they can been  created within a week.
However the are side affects, due to the accelerated growth  Volg tend to wear out within a span of a 5 years, and thus the Zilther must perpetually create more in order to keep the numbers of their labor force stable.
There are many who question if the Zilther actually have the skill to create such creatures, and it is rumored they may stolen the Volg Dream Forge from the Xallicorian before it was ready for use.
A Volg attacks, and defend with its jaws and striking with its claw.


Arsenal:  Every Volg is armed with a tri-bladed sword, attacking with a stab and slash combination.

Patch up: A Volg has the ability to heal rapidly, it is even able to re-grow severed limbs.

Breath Weapon: Volg have the ability to spew out a concentrated stream of flame.

Clamp: A Volgs’ pincer arm possesses incredible strength.
Somnambulist Trooper Persona Form by 123-Kitsune
Somnambulist Trooper Persona Form
The Persona form is light and compact, enabling the Trooper to travel easily through confined spaces. The Persona form is also equipped with a pair of thrusters that can provide an extra boost of speed and even short range flight.
Somnambulist Trooper by 123-Kitsune
Somnambulist Trooper
Somnambulist Troopers  were once just low ranking members of the  Somnambulist organization, however after many members of the police force, either attempted to aid the Resistance, or  ignored request for assistance, the police force was eventually phased out and replaced with the Troopers.
Those police academies that still exist not only train, but subject the trainees to intense levels of indoctrination.
Somnambulist Troopers normally deal with everyday types of crime, and Trooper outposts are located in one out of every three suburbs, however, Troopers often also provide back up for Somnambulist Knights when requested.
Somnambulist Troopers  are recognizable by their black armor with red and silver highlights, and are often armed with melee weapons and firearm as opposed to the enchanted weapons the Knights are armed with.


Persona: Under his or her helmet a Somnambulist Trooper wears a persona that enables them to take on a vehicular mode that resembles a small tank-like drone armed with an energy cannon. The drones top speed is 40 mph.
Somnambulist Trooper Persona Form by 123-Kitsune
Aridre by 123-Kitsune
Aridre is a second generation Calyx Murmuro (Latin for Buzz Shell) a type of second level Nightmaren.
His parents were amongst the generation created by Wizeman and sent to gain territory in the Waking World.
Aridre grew up hearing those stories as he spend his childhood within a colony in on the Nightopian Border and hoped that one day he too would be able to do his part for his people.
When in his late teens he learnt that those day of conquest were long past, and that the governing of the Waking World was mostly left to the Somnambulists, Wizemans’ human lackeys, and that his kind of Nightmaren was mostly obsolete save for protecting the colonies, which was something he saw as a dead end for himself and then turned down his friend Clawdius’s request to join the Resistance which he saw as a literal dead end.
He chose to join the Cadre after watching a broad cast that explained about how they were the reason why the Somnambulists won a battle against a particularly powerful Mornuskad Coven.
Due to his abilities and overall ominous appearance, he became a full fledged member and gained a reputation as an unstoppable force.
 The clients who most purchase his contract the most are the Zilther, whom he aids by supporting them in their battles against the Xallicorian, attacking their warehouses and factories.
Aridre possesses a Calyx Murmuros’ impressive physical strength, and he will also employ weaponry and other devices provided by the Zilther.


Blade Smith:  Aridre possesses the ability to create circular saw blades which he can use to cut, or hurl at opponents.  When they are in flight he can control speed and direction of the blade often employing more then one in an attempt to cut off his opponents escape before cutting them to shreds.
 Cursed by :iconlol-pretzel: 

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