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Lybel Hulk by 123-Kitsune
Lybel Hulk

A Hulk appears as a bulked up variant of a Lybel. The swelling in the cranium is more pronounced and its mandibles are larger, and it has a spiny frill growing from the back of its head.

Thick spine studded plates of chitin protect its body and its limbs are tipped with large scythe-like claws.

 Hulks are considered to be the warriors of the Lybel and are created when a Lybel ingests a special stimulant, which increases the creatures’ size and muscle mass. 

The Lybel do not use these creatures as cannon fodder, instead often holding them in reserve until it is evident that Lybel foot soldiers cannot turn the tide of battle without assistance.

The process to become Lybel Hulks was granted to them by the Forgotten King and has made them a much more formidable force then their forebears. 

Transformation into these creatures is permanent, and the side effects include being in permanent state of aggression, that lowers intellect drastically.

As such, only the worst criminals are fed the stimulant and are then stored in cocoons until needed.


A Lybel Hulk attacks and defends by striking with its claws, and mandibles. It is quite strong and its’ reinforced carapace protects it from a majority of physical attacks.

Powers/Special Abilities:

Infect: During close quarters combat, there is a chance that the Lybel Hulk will form a psychic link with its opponent. As a result the creature will become afflict with the Lybel Hulks rage and be unable to distinguish between friend and foe.

Breath Weapon: A Lybel Hulk has the ability to spit a 20’ foot stream of corrosive enzyme.  It can also inject it when biting and if not treated quickly opponents run the risk of paralysis and then death as their body liquefies.  

Boaz by 123-Kitsune

Boaz (Israeli word for Swift) is a 1st level Nightmaren.  It  was originally developed  for high speed combat by Alchemist Aaron Wind who was a member of a Somnambulist  splinter group.

 They intended to sell it to the highest bidder, only to find that the creatures aggression made it too unmanageable, and an attempt to capture and contain Boaz resulted in a high number of casualties. 

 It was later discovered that Alchemist Wind had somehow transferred his consciousness into the Nightmaren, upon discovering that he had contracted a fatal illness.

 Investigators are still puzzled, for not only are they trying to learn how he achieved this, but also how the splinter group was able to procure the resources needed to create a 1st level Nightmaren.

However while further encounters with Boaz have proven him to be highly intelligent, it has come apparent that Alchemist Winds success was only short term, as while the Nightmaren has demonstrated a high aptitude for alchemy,  and general knowledge of the world around him, he retains none of Aaron Winds personality.

Boaz appears as a bipedal composite creature of machine and flesh that stands six feet tall, he has wedge shaped head with large eyes and a long frill growing out of the back his body is covered with red fur and scales.
His forearms and hands appear to be cybernetic, as are parts of his back and  the upper parts of his legs.

Boaz does not seem to be affiliated with the neither the Somnambulists or the Cadre, although members of both organisations have had their share of encounters, which usually when any artefact relating to the Dream Dimension are unearthed.


Booster: Boaz has five of these and mostly uses them for flight. In combat situations however, he can use them to greatly enhance his agility particularly in ground combat and in enclosed spaces where he can ricochet off of the walls and ceiling.

 He can also use the boosters as offensive weapons, enabling them to function as flamethrowers.

Lash: Boaz has the ability to extend his arms, which makes him an effective climber in situations when flight is not possible. He can also use this ability to ensnare opponents that would otherwise be out of his reach.

 Cursed by :iconlol-pretzel: 

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I'm a big fan of lego and don't care if its HF, Technic or Bionicle. If I can use it in my MOCs' I will, and will even go far as to customise parts myself.
I am also a fan of the game NiGHTS Into Dreams, and JOD and which inspired me to create my own Nightmaren characters.



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