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Bestial Brawler Alt Form by 123-Kitsune
Bestial Brawler Alt Form
A Bestial Brawlers alternate form is a large red and black furred ape that is armed with a pair of wrist blade that can fire bolts of energy.
Bestial Brawler by 123-Kitsune
Bestial Brawler

Bestial Brawlers can be best describes as being shape shifting simian creatures. The Zilther in a surprising and gruesome example of innovation gained the knowledge to create them by capturing and dissecting Were Morgath, earning the enmity of the entire species in the process.

   Although few in number due the amount of Ideya required to create them, the Zilther see them as prime merchandise, although for the time being the Bestial Brawlers serve as bodyguards and as a first line of defense against Were Morgath packs that have started to track down their guildhalls for obvious reasons.

  Bestial Brawlers are intelligent; yet lack the will power to disobey a known master.




Shape-Shift: Bestial Brawlers have the ability to transform into an ape like creature with impressive strength and mobility.

 Bestial Brawler Alt Form by 123-Kitsune

Karadevar by 123-Kitsune

Karadevar are strange scorpion-like creatures created by Wizeman to serve Omar’Shalee; The Deva of Vanity.

Karadevar are third level Nightmaren and thus, are common in the dreamscapes under Omar’ Shalees’ control.

 They often roam in groups of five to nine creatures and are usually tasked with serving as Omar’ Shalees’ foot soldiers, and are disciplined combatants although they seem to respond quicker to the commands of Omar Shalees lieutenant, Shi’neari, the Hand of Fear then those of the Deva.

 It is speculated that the reason is that since both the Karadevar and Shi’neari share similar traits, the 3rd level Nightmaren have chosen her as their leader.  The second more likely theory is that her presence just intimidates the hell out of them just like everyone else.  

 Karadevar rely upon their swiftness, which is surprising for creatures their size, and their powerful pincers, which are strong enough to rip through steel.



Sting: A Karadevars’ stinger is capable of either injecting, or spraying a 15-foot stream of paralytic toxin.

 Cursed by :iconlol-pretzel: 

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Daniel Hynes
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
I'm a big fan of lego and don't care if its HF, Technic or Bionicle. If I can use it in my MOCs' I will, and will even go far as to customise parts myself.
I am also a fan of the game NiGHTS Into Dreams, and JOD and which inspired me to create my own Nightmaren characters.



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