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Winter Rose by 123-Kitsune
Winter Rose
A first attempt at making jewellery. The ornaments are created from earring chandeliers, floral drop beads and bead caps. The leaves were originally earring ornaments, and the snowflake is a glass ornament, and the clasp is magnetic.
Daschachi by 123-Kitsune

Daschachi are loathsome crab-like Nightmaren that lurk in the dank places of the Waking World.

A Daschachi stands four feet in height and possesses immense physical strength, and a near impenetrable carapace.

 The origins of these creatures is unknown as none have been discovered in the Dream Dimension, leading to speculation that they may have evolved from another type of Waking World bound Nightmaren, with the Mig-Magian being the most likely subject due to certain similarities it shares with the Daschachi.

The Daschachi tend to linger near garbage heaps, often burrowing below the surface whilst feeding and thus not detected easily, they are also found in marshlands where they feed upon rotting vegetation, and anything else they can get their claws on.

In urban areas Daschachi are used to help keep the sewers clean, and are often trained by the Somnambulists to attack intruders. The Somnambulists avoid attack by mentally conditioning the Nightmaren to respond to certain cues.

Daschachi possess human level intelligence, but cannot speak, they can only utter a booming croak.

A Daschachi attacks and defends with its claws usually by striking with a closed claw and then attempting to seize and crush the stunned victim.


Powers/Special Abilities:


Gaze Attacks: Only the Daschachis’ four outer eyes have any special abilities:


Heat Ray: Upper left eye can fire a powerful beam that will vaporize the target upon contact.


Reflect: Upper right eye can generate a field that covers the Daschachi within a protective envelope.


Petrify: Lower left eye fires a stream of sludge that turns organic material to stone.


Audible Glamor: Lower right eye is capable of generating realistic illusions.



Harutock by 123-Kitsune

Harutock are crazed avian Nightmaren standing no larger then a two feet tall, they are manic thieving creatures that swipe anything that takes their fancy. If you were to encounter one, chances are you would find your clothing in shreds as the creatures search your unconscious body for valuables.

  A Harutock may be diminutive in size, however its power is rates it as a 2nd level Nightmaren.

 They are naturally occurring Nightmaren, spawned when a dreamer has powerful Ideya of Envy and Ideya of Avarice.

 As these types of Ideya are now being harvested in great amounts in the waking world, these Nightmaren are being encountered more frequently, often coming together in loss knit groups, which will remain united until it self destructs in a squabble over some shiny trinket.

Lone Harutock often guard their lairs with packs of stray dogs they’ve brought under their control.

A Harutock is a nimble flyer and will attack with teeth and claws.


Powers/Special Abilities:


Dualize: A Harutock will often dualize with the most powerful member of its dog pack, the animal will gain enhanced healing, agility, as well as the ability of flight, made possible by the phantasmal wings that will sprout from its shoulders.


Leash: A Harutock can gain control of any animal, dog size or smaller by biting and using its rod like tongue to implant a spiny little organize that enables the Nightmaren to control the beasts.

 Once the link has been established, the Harutock can observe activities through the animals’ eyes and communicate telepathically.

Despite its origins, the control organism is not safe from its host immune system, which will destroy it within a few weeks of being implanted.


 Cursed by :iconlol-pretzel: 

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Daniel Hynes
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I'm a big fan of lego and don't care if its HF, Technic or Bionicle. If I can use it in my MOCs' I will, and will even go far as to customise parts myself.
I am also a fan of the game NiGHTS Into Dreams, and JOD and which inspired me to create my own Nightmaren characters.



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