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Undine by 123-Kitsune
Driserd Dax smiled  like a fiend as the Requiem raced away from the coastal village, he and his crew just successfully raided.
The village had been of moderate size, but the Nightopians had been  hospitable  and had allowed him to dock his ship to repair damage caused by a Nightmaren frigate.
His coming  here had not be happenstance  having heard of a priceless relic, a large sapphire known as the  Mermaids Tear stored within the village temple that was dedicated to the myth of some sea dwelling entity.
 The raid had taken place under the cover of darkness and it had not taken  Bruhala long to melt a hole in the wall, even less time for her brother Rizulin to procure the gem.
The three Baganthi had then raced back to were their ship was berthed, where the last member of the their crew, the silent Vuzuqueva stood watch.
They had  departed without incident, and  now as the sun poked up over the  horizon, Driserd Dax wondered why that was, until Rizulin from his position up on the bow sought his attention.
‘Yeah what is it? Don’t tell me you botched the repairs to the pontoon.’ He said irritably.
 The harpooner scowled and pointed over the starboard side of the craft.
‘Something has been keeping pace with us,’ he replied.
Driserd Dax snorted; ’It’s probably just dolphins,’ he replied dismissively,’ don’t be such an alarmist.’
 Rizulin replied but his voice was drowned out over the roar of the port side turret.
 ‘Bruhala what in the abyss are you shooting at?
 ‘Them! She replied pointing to where a large shoal of  bony headed  fish creature  surged towards them.
Bruhala aimed and fired, although at the  speed they were approaching  Driserd Dax thought aiming wasn’t necessary, until a current suddenly appeared and whipped the creatures out of harms way.
Rizulin suddenly  yelled in alarm and abandoned his post as the creatures revealed their intentions  by scaling the  bow of his vessel.
‘ Cowardly crewmen and attacking fish monsters, what’s next?,’ Driserd Dax wondered, and then heard the crack of thunder  as cloud  appeared from nowhere to blot out the sun
‘Sorry I asked,’ he said  as he raised his staff as the first one approached.

Undine are a primordial aquatic  race that dwell within the depth of the Dark Ocean, as well as any other deep body of water.
While they have been relegated to being just myths and rumor by the rest of Nightopia, those who dwell on the island and coastline know all to well that these creatures exist, and when the storm clouds appear from out of nowhere to blot out the sun, that these creatures are going to make an appearance.
For those who relay upon the sea for a living, keep in these creatures’ good graces is the best way to ensure that their nets are full and their boats remain afloat.
Undine are fond of blue gemstone of good quality and  will often demand a tribute for their services, if stones are not  available then well bred livestock will do.
In the far flung reaches of the Dark Ocean some the inhabitants of benighted islands resort to offering criminals or youths to appease these creatures.
Undine attack and defend with their teeth, claws and tails. While quick and deadly in the water they can be slow and  clumsy on land, and are easily dazzled by bright light.

Powers /Abilities:

Cloudy with a chance of Fish Sticks: When assembled in a large shoal , undine have the power to manipulate the weather , often drowning an area with torrential rain.

Raincoat: While either  submerged in water, in  a rainstorm on dry land,  an Undines body has the consistency of water, with attacks passing through it without harm.

Arsenal: An Undine wields a trident made from driftwood and coral.
Micaraxle by 123-Kitsune
Micaraxle are small fey creatures native to the Dream Dimension, although small in stature they are quite mischievous, often playing pranks upon those that they encounter upon their travels. For the most part these pranks are harmless.
Micaraxle love food such as baked goods, sweets, alcohol and small shiny objects and occasionally a traveler may awaken to find their packs has been rifled though, and may be a little bit lighter then before bedtime.
Inns and taverns out in the boonies can curb these tendencies by leaving out food and small piles of shiny odd and ends, and in return the Micaraxle will aid the owners by dealing with dangerous pests.
This is a good deal as long as the innkeeper keeps up their end of the bargain, otherwise the Micaraxle can become spiteful, with the inn gaining a reputation of being haunted or cursed.
Micaraxle tend to torment and tease opponents with the hope of tripping them up with snares before piling to attack with teeth and needle-like claws.


Glamour: Micaraxle have the ability to either create or shroud themselves with realistic illusions, which in sounds and scents.

Toxin: Micaraxle claws secret  a fluid that is mildly hallucinogenic  and adds credence to the illusions.

Swift: By curling their limbs up  they can  streamline their form and move at blinding speeds.
 Cursed by :iconlol-pretzel: 

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